Centra Action Breast Cancer Bags

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Centra Action Breast Cancer Bags

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2014, Centra and the Irish Cancer Society launched a fundraising and awareness initiative throughout Ireland.

Over 40,000 bags were produced and distributed for sale throughout Centra’s nationwide retail network featuring the design by Cian Breathnach of Beakon Creative.

The design was selected by renowned Irish fashion designer, Helen Steele, and featured a typographical study surrounding the key words associated with Breast Cancer, incorporated into the iconic ‘ribbon’ logo which is synonymous with cancer awareness across the globe.

The bag itself was produced by Juco and made entirely from recyclable material. The design was screen printed using a single Pantone.

The award winning design has been very well received publicly, and lead to a huge success in Centra and Action Breast Cancer’s campaign.